ADSL Loop Extender By Remote Power Supply

一、Product Overview
As an ADSL broadband service supplier, you must have suffered quite a lot complains from your ADSL ending users, such as:
1. ADSL speed is not fast enough, even too slow!
2. ADSL signal is not stable and often breaks!
3. ADSL ending users' houses are too far away from the CO, you cannot supply your service to your customer
Broadband Access can not reach everywhere because of long distance problem,cable quality is getting worse after ages
How to solve these problems?
----Changing the cable?
----Using outdoor remote DSLAM?
---- FTTH take the place of ADSL copper line?
No! ----too many installation jobs, too many maintenance jobs, too much investment!
No! ----No, copper lines will be wasted if using FTTH!
ADSL Loop Extender is the best solution!
ADSL Loop Extender can extend the coverage of ADSL service , or increase the rate !
 It will provide systems with higher performance-to-cost ratio, improve subscriber’s ADSL rate and optimize the network. This product will allow you to double the number of subscribers that you can reach while offering more consistent high bandwidth services to your existing customers.
It is a simple, cost-effective solution for you to use ADSL loop extenders which can reach the unreachable range of ADSL technologies, especially in suburbs, rural areas and less developed regions
This unique approach to ADSL deployment enables service providers to deliver to both POTS and ADSL services on any copper pairs.
It is an active element installed in the outside loop plant. You can install them on the poles, in the cabinets or on the pedestals. It operates as an equalizer to improve and extend the signal. Generally, it is powered by remote power supply.
二、Features and Benefits
◎ Enable service providers to deliver to both POTS and ADSL service on any copper
◎ With no changes at the center office and no equipment at the subscriber
◎ With easy and quick installation, this solution is a cost-effective, quick-to-market solution
◎ Active element installed in the outside loop plant
◎.Avoid customer loss due to broadband service problems
◎.Fully compatible with all ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ systems.
◎.Fully compatible with analog voice.
◎ Comprehensive over-voltage protection.
◎ Low power consumption and more environmentally friendly
◎ Independent power supply card and business card design for easy expansion and maintenance.
◎ ADSL subscriber can be added easily by inserting the business cards.
三、Application Diagram

四、Product Model and Shape
1、ADSL Loop Extender

One Port ADSL Loop Extener, Model:AER800-1P  Two Ports ADSL Loop Extener,Model:AER800-2P

4 Ports ADSL Loop Extener, Model:AER800-4P

8 Ports ADSL Loop Extener, Model:AER800-8P

24 Ports ADSL Loop Extener, Model:AER800-24P

2、Remote Power Supply Equipment

One Port Remote Power Supply, Model:AEC-B1P-D48V/A220V4 Ports Remote Power Supply, Model:AEC-B4P-D48V

26 Ports Remote Power Supply, Model:AEC-RACK